Cat Hoodie With Kangaroo Pouch Lets You Take Your Cat Wherever You Go( Summer Edition)

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Like cats? Like hoodies? Ever thought of blending the two? Then check out the Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie, the most recent must-have garment for cat fans that allows you to carry your feline friend around with you in a kangaroo-like pouch. The quirky concept is designed by Unihabitat, a company from – you guessed it- Japan. […]


6 of Japan’s weirdest junk food creations


Japan is a notoriously weird placeand that makes those of us who love strange things deeply thankful. The cafe have cats, the girls are 2D, and everyone reads manga on the subway. Japan’s food seems strange to Americans because many of their staples aren’t the same as ours: Miso, ramen noodles, natto. But beyond that […]