Kim Kardashian Explains Why She ‘Recreated’ AKA Ripped Off Other Designers’ Clothes For Her Kids Clothing Line!

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Yet another Kardashian has been accused of ripping off someone else’s designs, but A silver Vetements dress worn by Kim’s daughter and a black Comme des Garcons bomber worn by her son were chosen to be mass produced and up for sale on Kimmy’s site, resulting Instagram account @diet_prada and countless commenters to call out […]


Gifts To Humanity Pair Adorable Kittens With Shirtless Men And Win The Internet

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Cats are great. Attractive people are great. Cats posing alongside attractive people are the greatest. There’s something to be said for bloggers who mash up everything that restores our collective will to live. Take the folks over at Des Hommes et des Chatons, for example. When they started thinking about what the universe was lack, […]