How we attained Public Enemy’s Fight the Power

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The hood was on its own, abandoned at every level. Fight the Power was the anthem of the streets Hank Shocklee, producer During the disco boom, the money was flowing so crazy that even the messengers were riding in limos and then the business crashed. Bands couldnt afford a drummer or a bass player and […]


Taylor Swift:’ Sexy? Not on my radar’

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Shes gone from ringletted country artist to feminist role model and the worlds most charming pop superstar. As she returns with her catchiest material yet, she talks awards-ceremony etiquette, autobiographical lyrics and why she puts nice before naughty In Manhattans chi-chi Sant Ambroeus restaurant, the pair of smartly dressed women at the next table are […]


The Simpsons mixes The Great Gatsby with hip-hop in misfiring special

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An attempt to combine F Scott Fitzgerald with the rap world, featuring cameos from Beyonce, Snoop Dogg and RZA, is nonsensical and sadly unfunny The first attempted marriage between F Scott Fitzgeralds heralded novel The Great Gatsby and hip-hop culture was Baz Luhrmanns 2013 film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio, a gaudy yet somehow hopelessly drab […]


‘My identity is not your fad’: how indie get awake

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Indie has a voice and its white, male and whiney. Fortunately, artists such as Nadine Shah, Jay Som and Vagabon are bringing fag, gender and racial politics to the party Earlier this year, Dave Longstreth of Dirty Projectors was forced to backtrack on an Instagram post in which he asked if the alternative music scene […]


Home invasions, melting glaciers and Humpty Dumpty- is VR ultimately coming into its own?

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The Venice film festival has dedicated a section to cutting edge virtual-reality features, suggesting that the format may be about to take off as mass entertainment Lazzaretto Vecchio is a small ruined island in the Venetian lagoon, an arrangement of disintegrating brick barns a short boat ride from the Lido. In its day it has […]


From conservative hip-hop to white power boulder, rightwing politics inspires woeful music | Jeff Sparrow

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While hip-hop is perfectly capable of conservatism, successful relationships between rappers and rightwing politics generally take a somewhat different form Last month, Mark Seymour instructed the anti-Muslim group Reclaim Australia to cease playingthe Hunters and Collectors song Holy Grail at its rallies. We stand together with refugees and asylum seekers the world over, he wrote. […]