16 Adorable Rescued Pets Before And After Their Adoptions

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As the proud proprietor of a rescued puppy, I know all too well what a difference a few days of love, good food, and a comfy puffed can do for a scared pet. While my dog was “just” malnourished, I’ve written about plenty of pups and kittens who watched God knows what in their past […]


My Cat Took Care Of A Stray Kitty We Received In A Parking Lot, The Way He Thanked Him Will Melt Your Heart

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Fred was orphaned, scared, underweight, a month and a half old “fits in your palm” tiny kitty when he was rescued from the parking lot and introduced to a two-year-old male tabby, Karl. What happened next was no short of wonderful… Fred was tiny, scared, alone and missed his momma sooo much Karl, being no […]