Every Day, This Ferocious Cat Battles The Mailman In The Funniest Way

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Everyone knows the old cliche about puppies and mailmen, but it seems pups aren’t the only ones that like to squabble with brave postal workers. Every single day, this cat — known as the “Mail Slot Menace” — waitings by the window for the mail carrier to arrive at his house, ready to do battle. […]


How A Magpie Saved Our CataEUR( tm) s Life And Brought Joy To Our Home

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I’m Jane from Melbourne, Australia. A single mum with an amazing 7-year-old daughter Izzy. I dabble in nature photography and use Red Bubble for my designs. This is the amazing, inspiring tale of our Maggie… Maggie first came into our lives when we thought we were losing our beloved Cat of 18 -years-old, Saskia. Sassy […]


3 Way Spending Time With A Cuddly Companion Can Cure Holiday Stress

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The vacations are here. The twinkle lights are up, parties are planned, families are gathering. Youre shopping, wrapping, mail, cooking, baking and cleaning. At work, end-of-year projects are due, budgets are being calculated, proposals are developing. Your schedule is full, your days are hectic and your stress level is off the charts. This is prime […]


91 -Year-Old Woman Succumbed Protecting Her Cat From A Tornado, And The Cat Survived

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John has been a fireman for 34 years. Over the past few decades, he’s considered plenty of extermination, but what he saw after a tornado blew through this neighborhood really violated his heart. While going through some rubble, he came here across the body of a 91 -year-old woman whose home had been flattened by […]