Mystery animal lover leaves $8,000 in shelter gift box

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Think you love cats? Good luck topping this. An anonymous donor softly left $8,000 in the Pasadena Humane Society’s Neely Cat Center donation box around 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Yes, that’s $8,000 400 twenty-dollar bills, to be precise. SEE ALSO: Can you find the cats hiding in this Latvian mayor’s office ? That’s a lot […]


‘A ticket to the next life’: the lavish Buddhist dog funerals of Bangkok

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Full funeral rites from the monks of Bangkoks Wat Krathum Suea Pla temple used to be for humans only until a new and lucrative market emerged Fou Fou always liked the good things in life. The pomeranian puppy had” a heart of gold” and a taste for expensive grilled pork. Varunthip Manthin loved the tiny […]


18 Animals Who Are So Confused By All This Sorcery

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Our pets are so wise when it comes to matters of treats, belly scratch, and trips to the park. But ask them to explain complex matters like memory foam or lemons and you’ll likely be met with baffled silence. Take it from these confounded pets…what you’re showing them is surely sorcery. 1. “Wait…what in the? […]


These 20 Photos Prove That When It Comes To Cuteness, Munchkin Cats Reign Supreme

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Even if you’re not a cat person, you’re probably a munchkin cat person. It’s science. These furballs are the feline versions of dachshunds, which are, beyond all shadow of a doubt, the best dogs of all time.( I might be biased here. There is the distinct prospect that there’s a dachshund on my lap right […]