Gifts To Humanity Pair Adorable Kittens With Shirtless Men And Win The Internet

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Cats are great. Attractive people are great. Cats posing alongside attractive people are the greatest. There’s something to be said for bloggers who mash up everything that restores our collective will to live. Take the folks over at Des Hommes et des Chatons, for example. When they started thinking about what the universe was lack, […]


Megachurches: photographing America’s drab new cathedrals

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Lisa Anne Auerbach made a megazine of the structures hidden away from the centre of cities where thousands of people go to worship every week I started photographing megachurches as an oppositional idea, explains Lisa Anne Auerbach, a California photographer and artist. I had been doing a series about small free-standing businesses[ encapsulating] this idea […]


Photographing Cats Helps Me Deal With My Insecurity And Dark Past

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When I was little, I was a very happy child. I had some good friends and I was largely an outgoing child. I loved playing outside and acting goofy. My life became dark when I went to high school. I got bullied a lot, became very insecure and exclaimed almost every day. It get even […]


Escaping Reality With Princess Cheeto

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Since Princess Cheeto came into my life , nothing has been the same. I had just moved to New York City from California without knowing a single person. When I got her everything kind of fell down place. She has been a symbol for my new beginning and had really helped me build a life […]