Crazy cat lady word search is not as friendly as your crony Whiskers

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Image: RhodesRugger/ imgur Animal-themed word searches are usually innocent and fun. However, one kitty-themed puzzle is clearly out to take down the cat-loving folks who just want to curl up with their pet Whiskers and search for soothing words like “kibble” and “calico.” SEE ALSO: Wicked stoked cat Boomer skateboards like a pro, my dudes […]


Cat streaks through rugby game into hilarious Photoshop battle

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Battle of the Catstards Image: hotglueburns/ reddit When this cat streaked across a rugby field, he was pretty much asking for a Photoshop battle. During an Australian rugby game between the Penrith Panthers and the Cronulla Sharks, a confident black cat snuck onto the field and sprinted around at a dog-like speed to the audience’s […]


Kevin the permanently surprised cat has a story to inspire you

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Image: theadventuresofkev/ instagram A very special rescue cat named Kevin has eluded the odds after being diagnosed with a condition called hydrocephalus and given six months to live. Now four years old, the adorable Russian Blue is capturing our hearts with his extremeperseverance, peppy personality, and thepermanently amazed look on his face. Mashable spoke with […]