Perfect Flaw: Photographer Documents The Beauty Of Animals With Disabilities

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From puppies with three legs, to cats born without eyes, Perfect Imperfection celebrates the intrinsic beauty of animals who have overcome adversity and adapted to a physical impairment. Photographed with care and sensitivity by leading Australian animal photographer, Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio, each image leads with the beauty of the animal topic, making such […]


Bear, Lion And Tiger Brother Haven’t Left Each Other’s Side For 15 Years

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We’ve considered a lot of unlikely animals friendships here at Bored Panda. Dogs and elephants. Cats and foxes. Even giraffes and ostriches. However , nothing comes close to seeing an American black bear, an African lion and a Bengal tiger living together in harmony. That one really takes some beating. Baloo the bear, Leo the […]


She Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears When He Astounded Her With The Pet Of Her Dreams

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Finding the perfect pet isn’t always as simple as you might guess. You can expend days online searching animal shelters far and near for your new best friend. But once you do find that purr fect fur newborn, you just know it. That’s exactly what happened to this woman. She found an adorable black and […]