This Photographer Captures Tokyo’s Stray Cats At Their Absolute Funniest

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When we think of stray cats, our intellects often fill with montages of sad, ragged animals set to the tune of depressing Sarah McLachlan music.( Thanks, ASPCA .) But the stray kitties insured through Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki‘s lens are anything but. Although shining a light on the plight of stray animals is crucial, it’s […]


Stray Cat Walks Into Live News Broadcast, Presenter’s Reaction Is Perfect

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A stray cat that apparently came out of nowhere interrupted the live broadcast of the Turkish television program “Good Morning Denizli” earlier the coming week. What happened in the moments that followed and how Tv presenter Kudret Celebioglu managed it was absolutely perfect… Show Full Text When he saw the cat, at first Celebioglu was […]