‘Mayhem’ as authorities try to capture 137 tigers at Thai temple

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Bangkok( CNN) Authorities armed with tranquilizer handguns are still are seeking to capture dozens of tigers at a controversial Buddhist temple in Thailand after temple personnel allegedly set some free to delay the process. “Yesterday was mayhem, ” Wildlife Conservation Office( WCO) director Teunjai Noochdumrong told CNN Tuesday.


Thai Tiger Temple denies it abused, traded cats

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Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand( CNN) The Buddhist temple accused of abusing dozens of tigers seized by wildlife authorities in Thailandhas denied accusations that it mistreated or traded the animals on the black market. In an exclusive interview with CNN, the temple’s abbot, Luang Ta Chan, was of the view that he felt “sick” when the tigers […]


Thailand tiger temple faces criminal complaint

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Bangkok, Thailand( CNN) Federal officials in Thailand plan to file a criminal complaint against the controversial “Tiger Temple” after 40 dead tiger cubs were found in a freezer at the Buddhist temple, the deputy chief of the country’s parks and wildlife department said Thursday. Adisorn Noochdumrong, deputy director general of the Department of National Parks, […]