Why everyone is talking about US interest rates today- and why it matters

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Todays the day the US central bank will decide, is again, whether or not to raise interest rates for the first time since 2015 but its seeming unlikely Why is everyone talking about the Federal Reserve? Because todays the day the US central bank will decide, is again, whether or not to create interest rates. […]


Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I would love to play Vladimir Putin’

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The Revenant actor who was described by the Russian president in 2010 as a real human says he sees the politician very, very, very interesting He has played drug-addled penny stock swindlers, paranoid FBI directors and sociopathic slave-owners on the big screen. But Leonardo DiCaprio has mooted the possibility of taking on his grandest role […]


Hillary Clinton asks for landslide victory to rebuke Trump’s ‘bigotry and bullying’

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As Trump went on the attack, a confident Clinton fostered her backers to double down on their efforts during the final weeks of the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton hinted at a possible landslide in the 8 November election, exhorting several thousand supporters at a San Francisco fundraiser on Thursday to help her have the kind […]


Clinton senses big victory after Trump’s week of self-inflicted defeat

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Republican in tailspin over lewd remarks and alleged sexual misconduct as one GOP strategist says any other Democrat would be 15 points ahead, nationwide In a Saturday Night Live skit last weekend, a CNN anchor flashed to Hillary Clintons Brooklyn headquarters for reaction to breaking news of a 2005 record of Donald Trump bragging about […]


World’s lamest cyborg? My microchip isn’t cool now- but it could be the future

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Olivia Solon felt more key fob than RoboCop after get implanted with a microchip to stimulate contactless buys. But the future could hold much more I took two deep breaths, then a tattooed piercer called Andy stabbed me in the fleshy part of my hand between the forefinger and thumb, injecting a tiny microchip encased […]