A topic tune for Trump supporters- stand by your conman | Emma Brockes

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Though the president is ruining life for his fanbase, many would vote for him again. And the sneery haters merely make things worse Every week for the past few months, news has emerged from across the US that Donald Trump advocates are suffering. In February it was farmers in Californias Central Valley, a demographic who […]


Boris Johnson ‘sees no reason’ to withdraw Trump state visit invitation

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Foreign secretary backs Sadiq Khan after US chairpeople criticism but tells visit hosted by the Queen should go ahead Boris Johnson has said he sees no reason to rescind the invitation to Donald Trump for a state visit, despite the US chairmen assaults on the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, after Saturdays terror attack. The […]


Christian Bale: ‘I was asked to do a romantic comedy. I thought they’d lost their minds’

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The actor, famous for playing dwell, injury humen, is back playing, well, a brooding, injury man in the gritty western Hostiles. He talks about why the film industry has to change, balding up to play Dick Cheney and why he will never, ever, do a romcom The interview’s first amazes is that a chubby, grungy […]


My family fell victim to a warming world. Now we need to build for this new reality | Vicki Arroyo

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Louisianas sinking Isle de Jean Charles shows the urgent need for radical measures to combat climate change As oceans rise, as inundations and droughts become more extreme, as crops fail and as cyclones intensify, the world will increasingly face a new challenge climate refugees. In the US, witness the recent scheme by the federal government […]


Why everyone is talking about US interest rates today- and why it matters

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Todays the day the US central bank will decide, is again, whether or not to raise interest rates for the first time since 2015 but its seeming unlikely Why is everyone talking about the Federal Reserve? Because todays the day the US central bank will decide, is again, whether or not to create interest rates. […]