2016 in metaphors: dead turkey, frozen moose and human excavating his own tomb

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The year has become so maligned that Twitter is awash with posts listing the strange and terrible things that 2016 can be compared to For many people 2016, which brought the planet Brexit, the Donald Trump election victory, the deaths of Prince, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen and the brief union that was Twiddleswift, has […]


‘We weren’t sure we’d make it’: Texans forced to flee seek refuge in motels and diners

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Furniture was floating, homes were traps, but for many Texas residents the I-4 5 highway was an escape route, and the motels and restaurants its sanctuaries Jennifer Shardlow figured it was time to evacuate when water poured through the walls and a snake swam through the kitchen. ” We still had a yard at midnight […]


House of horrors: inside the US wildlife repository- photo essay

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Photographer Matthew Staver and writer Oliver Milman visited the US National Wildlife Property Repository, where illegal wildlife products, from stuffed tigers to worked tusk, are stored and counted If the US had a national house of horrors, it would probably be the federal government compound that lies on the fringes of Denver, Colorado, incongruously set […]


‘Every crisis has a silver lining’: why Big Sur’s isolation is inducing people fitter

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Winter blizzards battered this stretching of coastal California, blocking the sole road but residents forced to leave their autoes at home have been feeling the benefit A community on the stretching of coastal California known as Big Sur has been largely cut off from the outside world since winter stormscollapsed a bridge to the north […]


A tour of Guantanamo Bay: ghostlike figures wait as a promise runs unfulfilled

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A visit to the detention facility reveals a disquieting but virtually tranquil scene, where narratives of horror mix with glimpses of the mundane A man with grey beard, loose white T-shirt and sandals mutely paces around the cellblock, seeming and vanishing from our view with the regularity of a comet. He is reading a volume; […]