Spicy weather tweets from a newspaper are confusing readers everywhere

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Image: Mashable Composite/ Shutterstock It’s tough to get people excited about the weather. And it’s even tougher in tropical Singapore, where it’s pretty much only wet or dry every day. SEE ALSO: Weather forecaster genuinely cannot contain her love for Adam Driver So the country’s national newspaper appears to have taken it upon itself to […]


Beloved neighborhood cat honored with statue in his likeness

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Image: tombili/ facebook Beloved neighborhood cat and social media sensation, Tombili, has been forever immortalized by the adoring residents of Istanbul’s Ziverbey neighborhood. Made famous by a popularly meme’d photo portraying his signature lounging pose, Tombili passed away this past August. The city decided to honor their feline superstar by erecting a statue in his […]


Canadian cat fan attempts to sneak a cat into New Zealand in her carry-on

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That’s a cat, alright .Image: ministry of primary industries Oh, Canada. A cat-loving woman has been sent home by New Zealand customs officials after they found a feline hiding in her handbag. The unnamed female who arrived from Vancouver, had the feline in the small carry-on container. That’s a 14 -hour flight, by the way. […]