The night Barbuda died: how Hurricane Irma created a Caribbean ghost township

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Two and a half months after Barbuda was battered by 185 mph breezes, the island remains ruined and largely uninhabitated. Now locals are questioning if people will ever return Walking the street of the small Caribbean island of Barbuda on a Friday afternoon, you are likely to see more goats than humans. Dogs, cats and […]


The Tallinn experiment: what happens when a city stimulates public transport free?

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Since Estonias capital started free public transport for residents in 2013, it claims to have turned a 20 m a year earning each year. But has the strategy achieved its aspirations of reducing traffic and saving people money? In London a monthly travel card for the whole city costs almost 200. InCopenhagen, a city a […]


Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I would love to play Vladimir Putin’

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The Revenant actor who was described by the Russian president in 2010 as a real human says he sees the politician very, very, very interesting He has played drug-addled penny stock swindlers, paranoid FBI directors and sociopathic slave-owners on the big screen. But Leonardo DiCaprio has mooted the possibility of taking on his grandest role […]