Adorable Moment A Real Lion Gratifies A Tiny, Make-Believe Version Of Himself

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When 11 -month-old Aryeh’s parents devoted him a name that means “lion” in Hebrew, they had no idea that their son would one day be welcomed into a real-life pride. Aryeh and his godfather were about to leave Zoo Atlanta in Georgia when they made one final stop at the lion exhibit. Recollecting that Aryeh’s […]


Five Cheetah Cubs Who Lost Their Mother Are Being Cared For By A Zoo’s Dog

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Earlier this month, five cheetah cubs were born via caesarean section, a rarely performed procedure in these big cats. Tragically, their mom died merely weeks after the operation. However, all is not lost for the young cubs, as the zoos resident dog, an Australian shepherd called Blakely, has stepped in as their surrogate parent. Willow, […]