These 27 Pets Are So Tired, But Their Proprietors Don’t Mind Carrying Them

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I loved being carried around by my mothers when I was a kid.

I entail, what’s better than kicking back and relaxing while someone else does all the hard work? Perfectly nothing. I’m sure that these pets would agree, since they do whatever they can to remorse their owners into picking them up and carrying them like newborns.

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If you have a cat or puppy, you probably experience this all too often( and secretly love it ).

1. Okay, she probably just conned her dad into some snuggles.

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2. With that face, he could get his mommy to do anything.

3. This adorable little guy got tuckered out on his first walk.

4. Hiking is way more fun when you’re riding in a backpack.

5. It’s past bedtime for this little ball of cuteness.

6. He only loves the opinion from up there.

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7. “I’m not moving one more inch until you pick me up! “

8. This sweetheart has Dad wrap around her little paw.

9. Honestly, I’d carry this dog to the ends of the Earth.

10. His paws were so sore, but Dad was there to save the day!

11. That is the face of a pup that knows exactly what she’s doing( and loves every second of it ).

12. “You may carry me now, hooman.”

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13. Can I merely hold you eternally, nugget?

14. “You’re never allowed to put me down. Get it? “

15. This puppy would be more than happy to be carried everywhere.

16. He’s 13, but he still loves to be cradled like a baby.

17. “Wake me up when we get there.”

18. “Works every time.”

19. This big baby demonstrates that you’re never too old to attain Dad carry you.

20. Getting carried might be embarrassing for Frank, but he’ll never give it up.

21. Just look at the satisfaction on that adorable face.

22. Happiest dog ever? YUP.

23. Good luck trying to do that when you grow into those paws, little man.

24. “You’re the best, Dad.”

25. This kitty refuses to travel any other way.

26. He still believes that he’s a tiny puppy.

27. This scruffy little guy is practically grinning!

Does anyone else feel the need to go pick up their pets? I wish I could do this with my cats. Sadly, they’d scratch me into oblivion if I even tried it.

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