These Creepy New aEUR~ WerewolfaEUR( tm) Cats Act Just Like Dogs

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Ever wished you could have a cat that acted like a dog? This week, a new’ werewolf’ cat breed was introduced to the world. And they’re prettymuch the best use of both worlds .

Lykoi( Greek for wolves) have earned the nickname because they’re bred to act like hound dogs rather than cats.They wag their tails, way smells, and play fetch. They also appear exhaustively wolf-esque.

And, according to their founder( should we say inventor? leader ?) Dr. Johnny Gobble, the bizarre hybrid is far more loyal than the average feline.

The breed isnaturally occurring and hasa mutation which causes their fur to be patchy, dedicating them their werewolf-like appearance.
While the breed is incrediblyunique, Gobble says that they’re perfectly healthy and thatextensivetests have ruled out any major health concerns.

The bad news? Since the breed is so new, a Lykoi will define you back about $2,500. And there’s a seriously long waiting list, too.

Which is unfortunate because we want seven. Maybe eight .

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