Things My Cat Does When I Am Not At Home

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Have you ever seen your cat looking at you in the way that says, “I wish I could live alone without my human slaves. My life would be so much better! ” That’s what I see every day.

Sometimes I feel my cat is so fed up that he’s ready to pack my pouches and throw me out. And the committee is also makes me is considered that he’s probably very happy when I am away! He must be leading a double life: enjoy the parties, inviting his friends over, going through my stuff. Because every time I come back home, there’s a disorder! I swear once I even discovered a strange hair on my carpet!

All these thoughts constructed me make this post with my theory of what our cats do when we leave them home alone. Now we also have books about cats! I have also posted more series of my crazy( find Part I, Part II, Part III) and even made a book!

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