This couple thought they were adopting a kitten like any other. Little did they know they were …

This young couple from Denmark have a small family of cats.

One day they wanted to bringing a kitten into their family and so they adopted a gray and white one they watched at the shelter. Little did Michael Bjorn and Mikala Klein know the narrative behind this grey and white cutie.

Due to a missing bone in his nose, Monty seemed different. And because of that, he remained in the shelter as nobody seemed to want to adopt him. When Michael and Mikala came around, they saw something different and were immediately attracted to the cat. But it wouldnt be long after when they would find out that there was definitely something off about this cat, and it wasnt just his nose.

Monty wouldnt use the litter box, and instead was going to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere. They couldnt figure it out. Was he lost? Was he marking territory? Were the other cats an issue for him? Should they give him up to new proprietors without other cats?

The behavior was so strange that the couple guessed the cat would fare better in a more suitable household. But alas, when it came down to it, they naturally couldnt merely give up on Monty. So they took him to the vet in an attempt to find more out on his odd behavior.

Trisomy 21 was the verdict. So, what this means is that Monty actually has an extra transcript of his 21 st chromosome. Now, we call this Down syndrome in the human world. But in the animal world, only a few animals actually exist having this rare genetic sequence. This finally began explaining why Monty was different from the other cats, as well as why he was having accidents all over the place!

Monty has now become a member of the family and everyone loves him. The other cats play with him and he is making a name for himself on social media as his owners made accounts for him and everyone seems to love considering pictures of him!

This have in fact inspired Michael and Mikala to start a Monty brand garb/ doll/ card line due to all the online love he receives! The proceeds go to Montys former home, the animal shelter.

Monty is now resolved and happy, and will no doubt depicted in thousands of cat loving fans who believe the unique and rare Monty is indeed an extra special, adorable feline!

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