This Man And His Enormous, Cuddly Bear Will Make You Believe In Love( Video)

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Have you ever wondered where the term “bear hug” comes from?

I have. Like, bears arent truly friendly. Hugging a bear likely wouldnt aim so well( for you , anyway. Im sure the bear would be thrilled to have a human-sized meal ).

Or so I supposed, until now. Because guess what? It turns out bears can be SUPER CUDDLY. Like, cuddlier than most cats. You just have to give them the chance.

Want proof? Its in the video, above.

Its in Russian, so I dont actually have any context or know how this gigantic Russian man came to be tight with a gigantic brown bear, but if I had to guess, the title of the video would be true love, because thats what it reveals TRUE LOVE.

Sorry, but this is cuter than any dog video on the internet, so all you canines can only GO HOME. Cats, you can stay. I still love you.

Check it, up top.

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