This Photographer Captures Tokyo’s Stray Cats At Their Absolute Funniest

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When we think of stray cats, our intellects often fill with montages of sad, ragged animals set to the tune of depressing Sarah McLachlan music.( Thanks, ASPCA .)

But the stray kitties insured through Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki‘s lens are anything but. Although shining a light on the plight of stray animals is crucial, it’s arguably just as important to shed similar light on their happiest moments to show them running and playing like the cats that grace us with their presence at home.

Affectionately referring to his fuzzy topics as busanyan , which literally translates to “ugly cat, ” Oki’s work throws the imagery we’re are applied to in sharp relief against scenes of stray animals find happiness in the unlikeliest places.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Oki took this photo on a Monday morning before the cat had his coffee. I feel you, my man.

Totally original, copycat.

Here we have a picture of me between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 p. m. on any given Sunday.

“Get a room! “

“Mom, you have to do this right now? Severely? “

“Get in the tree, “theyre saying”. It will look totally natural, they said.”

Nothing like a little yoga…or some pre-nap stretching. Either one.

“It’s noon. Maybe you should get up. Just a thought.”

That moment when you’re mad at your boyfriend but then he tries to get all cute.

If you’ve ever posed for an Instagram outfit photo, you know this cat’s struggle.

When you try to take a sleeping selfie but everyone knows the truth.

No one likes a photobomber.( Just kidding. We all do .)

If my experience means anything, she only eat an entire pot full of mac and cheese and has no regrets.

Take that, Sarah! These cats are living their truth, and it’s hilarious.

( All images subject to copyright by Masayuki Oki .)

To learn more about Masayuki Oki’s photography, be sure to check out his website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram! There’s plenty of cuteness to go around, people.

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