This Veterinarian Built a Special Cat’s Gym in His Wisconsin Clinic

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  • Veterinarian Dr. Kenneth Lambrecht aEUR” aka Dr. Ken aEUR” runs West Towne Veterinary Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin but he is also the prowd proprietor an adorable cat named aEURoeBugaEUR.

    Via: Adventure Cats

  • Bug joined Dr. KenaEUR( tm) s family after one of his cats passed away

    Via: Adventure Cats

    Dr. Ken, attempting companionship for himself and for his other cat at the time, told his clinic that he was looking for a male to join the family, but when an deputy introduced him to female foster Bug, Dr. Ken knew she was a “purrfect” fit. “I took her home to meet my 7-year-old cat, Tiger, ” he said. “She strutted up to him and said, ‘I am here. Deal with it.’ She is truly different! “. The remainder is “kitten” in history.

  • Bug likes to hang out in BugaEUR( tm) s Gym, the clinicaEUR( tm) s feline exercising facility named after her.

    Via: Bug’s cat gym on facebook

  • The idea to build a feline-focused gym started when Dr. Ken be understood that such facilities are rare for cats.

    Via: Bug’s cat gym on facebook

    “I used to own 4 Paws Swim& Fitness, a dog-rehab-and-weight-management centre, and I said, ‘Hey, cats need indoor fitness, too, ‘” he told Adventure Cats. “It started with building Big Mountain. Then I added operating wheels, climbing walls and everything else.

  • It is important we tend to the needs of cats to climb, hide and generally be active and induced in their indoor environment.

    Via: Bug’s cat gym on facebook

  • Bug’s cat gym is ready for all Pets Reducing for Rescues contestants and any ohter cats who merely want to have fun!

    Via: Bug’s cat gym on facebook

  • Via: Bug’s cat gym on facebook

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