When They Detected This Calf, He Couldn’t Walk But His Mom Refused To Leave His Side

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The incredible people over at Animal Aid Unlimited know all too well the fight of a street animal in India.

They make it their life’s work to rescue, rehabilitate, and if they can, rehome the poor souls they find helpless without a safe place to call their own. While you might think they just have to worry about dogs and cats, that’s far away from the truth. Cattle, donkey, horses…they too have to fend for themselves.

When they found this injured calf, they feared the worst for the little boy. Without the ability to walk, he would have surely succumbed on the streets.

They swept him up to save him…but found that someone was following them to the rescue van — his mommy!

Check out the whole story below — this one will warm your heart.

What a happy aiming!

Thank goodness for amazing organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited. If you can, please consider donating to their amazing cause. Every little bit counts!

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