Which Countries Have The Fattest Cats And Dogs?

While a lot of people may think chubby cats and puppies seem adorable, obesity is a real health problem for many pets in the United States.

On Tuesday, veterinary clinic chain Banfield Pet Hospital released their annual report on the” nation of pet health ,”~ ATAGEND based on data from the 2.5 million puppies and 505,000 cats treated by the chain of more than 950 clinics. This year’s report includes a special focus on overweight pets, and the company compiled a listing of the states with the highest percentages of obese and overweight pets.

Minnesota topped the listing for heaviest pets.

” More than 20 disease conditions have been linked with pets being overweight ,” Banfield veterinary research associate Kirk Breuninger told Minnesota’s KARE 11 news station.” While some may say,’ My pet appears cute being pudgy or plump ,’ ultimately carrying those extra pounds contributes to exasperating these cancers .”

dennisvdw via Getty Images Fat pets are no joke.

There are eight states that do not have Banfield clinics — Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming — so it’s unclear how those states would have fit into the list if they had been included. It’s also important to note that this data only came from pets whose owneds brought them to Banfield veterinary clinics. A few nations have 10 or fewer clinic places, so the data from those states may not be as comprehensive as in others.

Based on the information Banfield provided to HuffPost, these are the 10 states with the highest proportions of overweight dogs and cats.

States with the fattest dogs

Minnesota: 41 percent

Nebraska: 39 percent

Michigan: 38 percent

Idaho: 38 percent

Nevada: 36 percent

New Mexico: 34 percent

Washington: 34 percent

Utah: 34 percent

Indiana: 34 percent

Oregon: 34 percent

Minnesota: 46 percent

Nebraska: 43 percent

Iowa: 42 percent

Idaho: 40 percent

Delaware: 39 percent

Michigan: 39 percent

Nevada: 38 percent

Kansas: 38 percent

Utah: 37 percent

New Mexico: 37 percent

Your veterinarian can assist you put together a diet or exercise plan that works for your pet.

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