Your guide to hashtagging through every day of the week

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If it seems like there are dozens of hashtags dedicating topics to every single day of the week out there, its because, well, there are. From #mondayblues to #sundayselfies, you are able to #engage with social media all week long. Heres our guide on how to make sure your Instagram account never misses a day.


Mondays are rough, and you may need some help beating away the #mondayblues . For that, get yourself some #mondaymotivation , either by posting a shot of your gorgeous #manicuremonday or by scrolling through some hunks on #mcm (# mancrushmonday ). Then again, if you arent into hunks( why ?) you can show off your cat with #meowmonday .

#ManCrushMonday #MCM

A photo posted by James Dean (@ jamesdean) on May 23, 2016 at 7:21 am PDT


Heres a #tuesdaytip : get yourself a #tuesdaytreat , like a #tacotuesday , or even make it a #tuesdayboozeday . You can also go for #tuesdayshoesday if youre more of a shopper, or make the treat a trip-up somewhere for #traveltuesday . In general though, Tuesdays are for change, so use #tt (# transformationtuesday ) to show how things are changing for you. Also, if you have pets, be sure you catch them with their #tongueouttuesday .


The #wednesdaywisdom is to post some inspiration to your adherents on #humpday with a #1linewed, where you post a line from your favorite bookor even one youre working on yourself. You can jump into your past with #waybackwednesday or just appreciate some beautiful, talented women with #wcw (# womancrushwednesday ) and a glass of #winewednesday . And remember, the Internet isnt just for cats; use #woofwednesday to brag about your pooch.

A bit of #1linewed :

A photo posted by Brooks Benjamin (@ thebrooksbenjamin) on Apr 27, 2016 at 7:27 pm PDT


Youre almost at the end of the week, so show your appreciation with #thankfulthursday , or just share some of your #thursdaythoughts . Perhaps you want to take some time to look back with #tbt (# throwbackthursday ), or show off your home decorating skills by photographing your #thursdaytrays, which is 100 percentage a thing now. At least if you go on a #thursdate , its #thirstythursday .


You have yet another way to look at your past mistakes( or great selfies) with #fbf (# flashbackfriday ), but otherwise, Fridays are for helping your friends get into the weekend. Suggest someone to #followfriday , or tell people what youre reading with #fridayreads . Or you can just say how youre #fridayfeeling .

Hold up !!! Its Friday yall 🙂 #FridayFeeling #Finally

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The weekend is pretty laid back when it comes to hashtags, but Saturday was attained for #caturday . Then again, if youre getting ready to go out #saturdaynight , you are able want to post a #sexysaturday selfie of your attire.


#Lazysunday is even more chill than Saturday, induced for showing off selfies with #selfiesunday , or merely enjoying whatever #sundayfunday looks like for you. However, you are able to indulge in your vices/ NSFW content before the run week with #sinday and #sinfulsunday .

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